It’s a boy.


Wow, 21 years, huh? This is not for any boyband. I could not be more happy and proud. For you, for being a fan of you for being part of the Backstreet Army. I just want to thank you… for everything! For your music, for existing. Thank you for having never given up and never let us down. Thank you for being part of my life and let it more colorful, even from miles away. Thank you for every moment, every smile you gave me. You are my inspiration, my life. And I’ll always be keeping the Backstreet pride alive. God bless you and many, many years of career may come. You guys deserve it. I love you, boys. So much! And I will always love. Congratulations, Backstreet Boys, for the 21 years career!

How often do Kurt and Blaine frequent that gay bar?

Oh and by the way, “All Of Me” you might be seeing on the show. Spoiler alert! I know who’s singing it.

Darren Criss, during Jane and Darren’s Google Hangout (via staceysthings)

I really hope it’s you

Happy in sync married Couple Klaine